07 February 2015

Killing Fidel

Al Jazeera

The year 2015 has been another deadly one for Fidel Castor. In what has become an intermittent global pastime, rumours of the demise of Cuba's iconic leader - now 88 years old - began proliferating on social media and in careless news outlets in early January. Wikipedia briefly classified him as "a person who has recently died".
Part of the confusion apparently stemmed from the announcement on January 4 of the death of Fidel Castro Odinga, the son of a former Kenyan prime minister.
As usual, one of the epicentres of the rumour mill was Miami, home to a Cuban exile crowd that delights in the idea of a Castro-free world.
Long before he became the subject of what we might call Twitter assassination attempts, the Cuban comandante was, of course, on the receiving end of more hands-on efforts to dispel his earthly presence. READ MORE AT AL JAZEERA.