01 June 2016

Venezuela's apocalypse: The media at war

Al Jazeera English

In one of the more headache-inducing video clips in recent memory, Fox Business Network presents us with its version of the current crisis in Venezuela - where economic mismanagement under the leadership of President Nicolas Maduro has converged with a drop in global oil prices to produce runaway inflation and a shortage of basic goods.
The Fox Business Network website invites us to view a "harrowing video show[ing] starving Venezuelans eating garbage [and] looting".
As anyone acquainted with the network's modus operandi might expect, the footage in question doesn’t exactly render the situation as "virtually apocalyptic" as Fox claims it is.
Fortunately, we have a whole Fox crew to interpret for us what, in fact, we are seeing. Before we get to see anything, programme host Maria Bartiromo issues a "warning [to] viewers" that "this video is very graphic".
Journalist Elizabeth MacDonald chimes in with confirmation: "Yeah, it's graphic and disturbing." READ MORE AT AL JAZEERA ENGLISH.