17 May 2016

A neoliberal carnival in Brazil

Al Jazeera English

The joke on the street is that Lebanon has no president but Brazil now has a Lebanese one. 
Indeed, Lebanon's ruling elite recently surpassed its two-year anniversary of failure to select a head of state.
But as Brazil's new interim president - Lebanese descendant Michel Temer - takes over in that country, one suspects Brazilians might have been better off president-free.
Last week, legitimate Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff of the leftist Workers' Party was suspended from office to face an impeachment trial. She was replaced by Vice President Temer of the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party, who will probably serve out the rest of the term.
What was the great crime that occasioned Rousseff's ignoble suspension? As Washington DC-based economist Mark Weisbrot put it, "she is accused of an accounting manipulation that somewhat misrepresented the fiscal position of the government - something that prior presidents have done". READ MORE AT AL  JAZEERA ENGLISH.