04 February 2016

Washington and Its Media Allies Hype Narco-Jihadi Threat, Again

TeleSUR English

The United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) announced this week the achievement of “significant enforcement activity including arrests targeting Lebanese Hezbollah’s External Security Organization Business Affairs Component (BAC).”

If you’ve never heard of this particular mouthful, you’re not alone; try Googling it and see how many results predate the publication of the DEA press release.

But no matter. According to the agency, the BAC is “involved in international criminal activities such as drug trafficking and drug proceed money laundering,” with the proceeds “used to purchase weapons for Hezbollah for its activities in Syria.”

With assistance from a host of European countries, the DEA and U.S. Customs and Border Protection—part of the Homeland Security Department—have now scored their latest victory in the crusade against the “dangerous global nexus between drug trafficking and terrorism”: the arrest of the “top leaders” of the BAC’s “European cell.”

The victorious press release specifies that BAC members “have established business relationships with South American drug cartels.” Never mind that the exact same thing can be said of the U.S. government; recent examples that come to mind include collaborative efforts with Mexico’s notorious Sinaloa cartel.

A bit further back in time, the United States’ war on leftism in Latin America provided various opportunities for partnership with the underworld, with many of the proceeds funneled toward the right-wing Contra force committed to terrorizing the population of Nicaragua.

At one point, the Contra supply airline SETCO—owned by top Honduran drug lord Juan Ramon Matta Ballesteros—was known as the “CIA airline.”

But this history, of course, can hardly be contained within the Good-Versus-Evil narrative propagated by the U.S., so we don’t talk about it. READ MORE AT TeleSUR ENGLISH.