04 June 2015

Can Rudy Giuliani Save El Salvador?

TeleSUR TV English

For the United States, the Cold War was an existential struggle with international leftism. But in reality, it was one big misnomer that spilled untold quantities of third world blood.

During one particular stretch of the lengthy affair, the U.S. backed a regime in El Salvador as it racked up approximately 40,000 political murders. Former Atlantic editor Benjamin Schwarz put it bluntly: “[T]here is no escaping the fact that the success of the U.S. policy was built on a foundation of corpses.”

What this corpse-based “success” constituted, of course, was a defense of the sanctity of capitalism against nefarious thoughts to the contrary — among them the idea that the Salvadoran peasantry should not be eternally dominated by an abusive elite.

Now, several decades later, capital is once again perceived to be under threat in the small Central American nation, necessitating novel forms of guidance from its imperial neighbor to the north.

The latest neoliberal emissary to descend upon El Salvador is none other than former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, imported to the country in May by the Salvadoran National Association of Private Enterprise (ANEP) to advise the government on the worsening security situation. Following the abandonment last year of a gang truce, the homicide rate has skyrocketed.

One can pretty safely assume that any institution boasting the words “private enterprise” in its title is going to prioritize security for financial investments over security for other things like human beings. READ MORE AT TeleSUR TV ENGLISH.