05 August 2014

No Cocoa Pebbles for Corpses

TeleSUR English

On the first day of August, The Times of Israel published a blog post advocating for the genocide of Palestinians.
People complained and the post was deleted. According to a Jerusalem Post article that has now also inexplicably disappeared, the Times editors had declared themselves “angry and appalled” by the post and sworn that they would “not countenance blog posts that incite violence or criminal acts.”
Judging from Israeli media content since the debut of Operation Protective Edge last month, it’s perfectly fine to cheerlead for Israel’s genocidal policies—you just shouldn’t use the G-word itself.
The Times has meanwhile restored its reputation as a source of sophisticated and considerate commentary with the publication yesterday of a blog post titled “Does this war make me look fat?
The essay has emerged from the brain of Brooklyn native Rachel Weinstein, who now resides in Israel and is the cofounder of a Facebook weight support group called “Honey, I Ate The Fridge.” READ MORE AT TeleSUR ENGLISH.